Whether you're looking for first ever would-be web host or you need someone else to replace your old one, you have to be clear with your requirements. That is the most important simply because it's the best way to ensure that you get exactly what you're actually looking for. As soon as you have done that, you can now concentrate on reviewing every deserving prospective web host out there.


 Here's a list of questions and considerations to focus on as you try to make a wise decision:


> What type or types of liquid web hosting do they offer? Options usually include shared, dedicated, VPS and fully managed. You need to know if  there's room for expansion once your resources on your current level are capped. 


> What support is available? Of course, the most convenient channels remain email, live chat, phone, and online forums. You also need to know how many hours in a day they will be available, just in case you need them. Most web hosts like 1&1 vps work 24/7 though. 


>  What features will you be able to use? Do they use cPanel for single-click installations of certain software? How much do you get in terms of bandwidth and storage and how many domains can be accommodated in one account? 


> If the data centers' location is important to you, you can do a quick Google check to know where the server is physically located. Or just call the company and ask them directly. 


> Do they have any specializations, and if so, what are these? Do they use certain platforms like Wordpress? Do you need it or do you just want to learn Linux, which can be difficult on a managed host? 


> How much do you have to pay them and how do their rates compare with those of their competitors?  


> What are people saying about the web host? You can read online reviews, but make sure you do so on an independent website. Some of these reviews are manufactured, either to promote a certain business or bring down a competitor. Also check out your prospective host's Facebook and other social media accounts where you can read people's comments and see how the company responds. For more facts and information about web hosting you can go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/web-hosting/.



Depending on your needs, it may be easy or a little challenging to choose the right web host. The general rule is that you do your research, compare at least two or three prospects, and then make your decision.